Covid-19 Government Industry Award

Covid 19  Risk Assessment  JUNE 2020
Business: The Claremont Bed & Breakfast
1 Derbe Road, St Anne’s, FY8 1NJ
This is a “living document” to address potential hazards within operation of above business to advise and protect both guests and proprietors (Hosts). The assessment will be edited and updated as understanding of Covid-19 virus develops and as government guidance changes. We will also provide a detailed procedural document detailing our Actions & Procedures alongside this assessment.
Area Risk Element Primary Actions Any additional procedures
Pre Arrival Covid symptoms Cancel booking Contact with guest prior to arrival
Arrival Doorbell/ Door handles/close distance Hand sanitiser/ Face covering/Social Distance Move into lounge and social distance /One way system /Signage
Health Covid symptoms on arrival Guest asked to leave immediately
Registration & Payment Close distance/pen Online registration & Payment prior to arrival If registration information not received in advance it will be taken verbally for written completion by us.
Moving around building Hallways /corridors/  dining area Communicate to guests observe social distancing/face covering/ wash hands often/avoid touching communal bannisters/courtesy to others in hallways Ask guests to wash hands regularly/Hand sanitiser available in hallway for use on entering building/Face covering/Regular cleaning of contact areas/Signage
Room Keys Contamination Keys sanitised when each guest leaves Both guest and host sanitise hands after exchanging keys
Guest Lounge/Dining room Close distance/contact surfaces Face Covering /Regular cleaning/remove unecessary items/ventilate  Ask guests to wash hands regularly/Wear face covering/Hand sanitiser available in lounge for use on entering /Regular cleaning of contact areas
Bedrooms Contact surfaces/towels/ linens from beds/guests! All contact surfaces cleaned and sanitised.  Removal of  soft furnishings and printed materials to minimise contact surfaces, but these are available on request. Rooms will be left at least 24 hours following departure, ventilated and where possible rotated between guests. Sheets/pillow cases are laundered by a contract company on a high temperature wash.  All remaining laundry, duvet covers  and towels will be washed above 60°C.
Breakfast Close distance/contact surfaces/ Pre arranged times for each room. Guest to use sanitiser on entry,  allocated table and asked to remain seated  at all times. No buffet service.  Host wearing mask and apron which will be washed after each service All food, condiments, cutlery, cups etc brought from kitchen to table via tray. No communal items apart from people from same party on same table. All items cleared from table at end of service to kitchen via tray for sanitisation, dishwashing etc
Own food/Takeaway Close distance/ contact surfaces Guests may use dining room for own food and takeaway meals. On check in will be advised of procedure to notify host when doing so. Signage Identify table for use, supply tableware which should be left on table after use. Host to remove and dispose of waste and place all crockery, cutlery in dishwasher.
Housekeeping Cross contamination All contact areas, hard surfaces, cleaned and sanitised. Host will wear appropriate PPE and change between rooms to avoid cross contamination. Rooms will be serviced by host wearing PPE when guests are out. Beds will not be made due to increased risk of contamination. Only towels left on shower floor will be replaced. Hospitality trays will be freshened. Rubbish tied in bags and removed.
Garden Chairs and table/ Contamination All surfaces regularly wiped down
Departure Contamination by Handshaking, hugging & key return Guests asked to ring bell to return key and say goodbye only. No contact and social distancing to be observed. Container provided for key placement for disinfecting
After Departure Hosts or guests become ill Develop symptoms Either party to advise if symptoms developed and or positive test of Covid-19 up to two weeks following departure.  Follow up email